Credentialing Assistance for CrossFit Courses

Credentialing Assistance is a go for FY24 through Army IgnitED! Ready to kickstart your fitness journey? Here’s your step-by-step guide:

  1. Get a Quote: Head over to the dedicated Army IgnitED page at to request a quote for your desired course. You will fill out your contact information and receive your PDF quote via your registered email address.
  2. Navigate Army IgnitED: Once you have your quote, log into Army IgnitED at Click on Education Goals, then the Credentialing Assistance tab, and hit Apply for Funding. Upload the PDF quote from CrossFit (you should receive this in an email), specifying the CrossFit CCC Trainer and your chosen online courses: Nutrition, Spot the Flaw, L1/L2, etc.
  3. Plan Ahead: Remember to set your course dates a full year out to avoid any hiccups. For example, if you fill out the request on March 1, 2024, request your course dates through March 1, 2025 (this does not affect the dates you actually take the course).
  4. Approval Awaited: After submission, expect an approval email within 24-48 hours. Stay tuned!
  5. Funding Request: Once approved, log back into Army IgnitED, click Funding Requests, and follow the instructions. First-timers, you’ll need to create an Education Goal before submitting.
  6. Select Your Course: When your Funding Request gets the green light, head back to and pick the course you applied for funding. Additionally, you will receive a final email from showing your course was approved for funding and receive a code to enter on the CrossFit site that will create a $0 balance when checking out. Note: usually shows courses around 6 months out, so plan accordingly.

Navigating the new Army IgnitED site might seem like a workout in itself, but we’ve got your back. I’ve covered the basics here, but if you’ve got questions, drop them below. Good luck!